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A Concert of Contemporary Avant-Garde Music

Published 196X-00-00

Selections from a concert of contemporary avant-garde music probably dating back to 1968 or thereabouts. This concert was most likely organized by pianist and composer Robert Moran, who was very active in the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 1960s performing and producing concerts of experimental music, and most of the compositions included were aleatoric in nature. The first selection heard is Moran’s own “Interiors,” scored for an unspecified number of players, and performed here by a brass ensemble of San Jose State University. This is followed by Sylvano Bussotti’s “Sensitivo,” performed by a trio of musicians utilizing a variety of Oriental instruments, including bells, flute, and stringed instruments. “Credentials,” a avant-garde theatrical piece for actor and eight instruments is heard next, with Moran’s tortured monologue being accompanied by an unspecified instrumental ensemble. The theme of text-sound compositions is continued with a tape piece by Ferdinand Kriwet, based on the composer and poet’s extensive work with visual or concrete poetry. The program then concludes with John Cage’s “Concert for Piano,” in which the traditional piano concerto is deconstructed.

Run time 69 min


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